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Applied Mathematics

Introduction to Operations Research   with Joe Ecker, Third Edition, 2004
publisher's web page
table of contents

Introduction to Mathematical Programming   First Edition, 2023
Fortran source code for the pivot program used in the book   text concatenation
      this program is also useful to readers of Introduction to Operations Research
Octave source code for the other programs used in the book   tar archive

Least-Absolute-Value Regression
   an introduction to the problem of determining the probability distribution of the estimates
   Fortran source code for the simulation program used in the paper

Computing Fourier Transforms
   the FFT algorithm and its implementation in 1 and 2 dimensions
   Fortran source code for the raster plotting program used in paper

Bilevel Nonlinear Programs
   a comparison of methods and a catalog of curated test problems

Numerical Computing

Classical Fortran: Programming for Engineering and Scientific Applications
Second Edition   publisher's web page   errata
   table of contents   preview
   Solutions Manual   available to instructors directly from the publisher
         including 39 exercises that are not in the text, and their solutions
   exercise solutions that are not in the Solution Manual
   additional textbook sections
First Edition   errata

Biblical Hebrew

Reading Classical Hebrew
   course description
   Should you take this course?
   supplementary material
   course flashcards   tar archive of input and pdf files
index to the course
   Voicing Hebrew
   The First Hebrew Primer Third Edition    publisher's web page
table of contents
   Primer answer book    publisher's web page
Primer flashcards    publisher's web page

Hannah Senesh Word by Word   Hebrew reader with facing vocabulary

a simple system for typesetting pointed Hebrew in LaTeX
   Homebrew Hebrew   documentation
   hebrew.tex   file of LaTeX commands to \include
   redis Hebrew fonts   tar archive of tfm and pk files
   milon.dat   ← dictionary of Hebrew words →   hebrew.hsh
   program library   tar archive of Fortran source codes

subprogram library   tar archive of Fortran source codes
documentation   tar archive of Unix man pages